Which parent is responsible for the cost of transportation when they share custody?

Photo by Noel Hendrickson/Photodisc / Getty Images

A custody agreement will create the need for transportation.  At times, the transportation may become significant in terms of time and money.  While there are no set rules for determining who bears the burden of the cost of transportation, a court may find that the parent moving away and creating the need for travel costs may be responsible for costs.  The courts will consider the financial ability of each party to incur the costs. Please also be aware of that Pennsylvania courts have found that where one parent is responsible for transportation costs in order to exercise their partial custody, they may be entitled to a reduction in child support to cover the cost of transportation.

In addition to costs, parents also want to know whose responsibility it is to transport between the parents.  This designation is not always considered, but can cause unnecessary headaches if not defined clearly.  Even if the parties are amicable, it is a good idea to establish who transports where and when, especially if there is considerable distance between the parents.