Contract is in the name. It is important that you have an agreement with your independent contractors that adheres to the laws of your state. It can be easy to inadvertently turn an independent contractor into an employee. A clear contract can help you avoid this issue. We offer competitive rates for independent contractor agreements tailored specifically to your business and industry. Contact us today for more information.


Do you work with vendors? Having an agreement can make it clear what the expectations and obligations for each party. Do you need a review of your agreement? Contact us today to discuss customizable vendor agreements, review of agreements, as well as enforcement of agreements. Contact us today to discuss your vendor agreement.


Employment agreements can clarify the terms of employment including salary, severance in the event of termiantion, benefits, etc. However, it may not always be a good idea to have an employement agreement.

Employee Handbooks can be one of the most valuable docuemnts with regard to your employees. If you have employees or are planning to hire employees, talk to us today about crafting an employee handbook that fits your business needs.

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